Processing Capabilities

Aero Metals Alliance has extensive processing facilities worldwide. We are able to offer a complete sawing or cutting package to all of our customers and offer the ultimate in quality and service.

Our processing facilities create outstanding value for money.


AMA has a vast array of fully automatic circular and band saws capable of sawing up to 540mm diameter or 540mm width/height combination flat and square bars.


Band Saws

Cutting bar up to 540mm diameter in Steel Aluminium and Titanium to tolerances better than +/- 0.5mm.


Shape Saws

If you require shapes, our saws can provide a range of blocks and bars to your requirements.


Milling Machines

Surface milling to high tolerance ‘Near Net Shaping’.


AMA has huge Aluminium Plate sawing capacity world wide, also offering a full rage of ancillary services, routing and water jet cutting, AMA have the equipment for every requirement.


Circular Saws

High productivity circular saws for bar and billet up to 100mm diameter fast accurate high density cutting.


Plate Saws

Precision plate sawing up to 300mm thickness and up to 6 meters in length using sophisticated optimisation programs to reduce


CNC Routers

Our CNC Routers offer profile nesting and high speed routing.

Machining Centres

AMA has ‘in house’ machining centres (both 3 and 5 Axis) that can offer ‘Near Net Shape’ and pre-machined parts to the highest standards. State of the art ‘nesting’ programs are used to eliminate waste and maximise cycle times.



Cutting Stainless Steel up to 3mm thick and Aluminium up to 8mm thick.


CNC Machining

AMA can offer a complete package of machining on our ‘in house’ 3 and 5 Axis machining centres. ‘Near Net Shaping’ and pre-machining offer customers reduced cost within their own operation


Water Jet

With no ‘heat generated’ structural changes and virtually burr-free cut edges, finishing operation is reduced. With no material discolouration and no toxic or fume discharge.

Multi-head operation, 12m x 3m capacity from shim to 200mm thickness.