What we do

Customer Focussed

AMA provides an easier route through which OEMs and sub-contractors in aerospace manufacturing can source their metals, their processing requirements, and services. It offers a single point of contact, effectively a one-stop-shop, to access the best global capability in dedicated aeronautical metal supply.

AMA operates a highly trained team of responsive customer relationship and sales managers to provide the first point of contact for enquiries. Importantly, these managers take full ownership of the enquiry, following it through to ensure full customer satisfaction.

The companies within AMA also share best practice, fostering an approach which places customer relationship management at the heart of their own operations. This includes committing to lead times and, importantly, delivering on them.

Near Net Shape Approach

The focus on buy-to-fly ratios highlights the contributing role that near net shape processing can offer. This has undoubtedly been a driver in increasing this service offering from AMA. As a major contributor in the aircraft manufacturing supply chain, this is a key area of development for AMA and its companies.

Customers are increasingly looking to optimise their production processes. This is primarily driven by the need to maximise their own spindle time for core business activities, with AMA therefore undertaking some of the machining processes. It can take many forms, from simple cutting to more intricate processing in which near net shape pieces are supplied.

Even in AMA businesses whose business is predominantly transactional (so called ‘spot business’) rather than contractual, the processing element is increasing. Pre-machined kits of parts to individual specifications are becoming more commonplace.

In addition to freeing up time for customers and OEMs to focus on more profitable final processing, near net shape processes can improve product quality, reduce variability and enhance component design functionality.

As the industry continues to search for ways to lower buy-to-fly ratios and reduce the amount of waste, near net shape processing will have a greater role to play.