Who we are

Strength in numbers

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ is a widely used phrase and it is nowhere more evident than in Aero Metals Alliance (AMA), an organisation formed specifically to provide a dedicated offering to the aerospace industry from four of the world’s leading suppliers of metals.

The aerospace industry is global and, as such, needs a global capability from its supply chain. But a capability that also recognises the value of local service and support. Through the experience and expertise of AMA’s constituent partners and the geographic spread that they represent from the 14 sites located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, the leading OEMs and sub-contractors within the industry can source materials, processing capabilities and supply chain management services.

Collaborative Knowledge Base

The capability for the different businesses within AMA to draw on the expertise of each other is also beneficial to the Alliance’s customers. In addition to a wide ranging understanding of the metals business, amongst its employees AMA has specialists in a number of areas. This includes materials scientists who can offer technical advice and in-depth knowledge on the classifications of the different metals, offering invaluable input regarding a material or treatment that could better suit a given application.

AMA Businesses

This knowledge also extends into the requirements of specific markets and customers, for example the different British, American and German specifications, along with customer specific grades such as MSRR (Rolls Royce) and ABS/AIMS (Airbus/GKN), plus many others. A collaborative approach helps to overcome such regional and customer-specific challenges, with AMA effectively extending the product portfolio that each business can offer to its customers, particularly the contract customers.

AMA also prides itself on being a knowledge resource for how metals contribute to aerospace engineering. If a customer has a question, even if it doesn’t pertain to a given business but perhaps relates to aerospace or a complementary product, the collaborative network usually ensures that an answer is available.